Friday, February 6, 2009

Save the Environment: Refill Printer Cartridges

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One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to refill printer cartridges. Refurbishing printer cartridges is becoming increasingly popular because of the low costs of refilling as well as the positive impact on the overall environment.

The Option to Refill Printer Cartridges

Printers have cartridges that store the ink and dispense it while something is being printed. Usually printers have two printer cartridges - one for printing in black and white and the other for printing in color. Most printer manufacturers supply cartridges as well. These cartridges have one or more compartments for storing ink, an electric contact and a chip for detecting the level of ink left in the cartridge. The cartridge of any printer, be it inkjet or laser, can be removed.

Once the ink in the cartridge is over, one has the choice of replacing the cartridge. This is the more expensive option. One could instead refill printer cartridges and get the same quality of output, while saving a significant amount of money. While the cost of buying a new printer cartridge is quite high, an existing cartridge can be refilled at nearly half that cost. This means huge savings for the printer user. Not only this, every cartridge can be refilled four to five times, depending on the level of use, the quality of the printer and the condition of the cartridge.

Turn Environment Friendly: Refill Printer Cartridges

To refill printer cartridges is considered as an environment friendly option, since refurbishing reduces the number of cartridges being disposed and supports recycling. Each printer cartridge takes more than 3 liters of oil to be manufactured, apart from aluminum and steel. You can refill printer cartridges and save these nonrenewable resources. Moreover, most of the printer cartridges that are disposed add to landfill sites and take more than 450 years to decompose, since the plastic and other materials used are not biodegradable.

How to Refill Printer Cartridges

One should be careful in selecting the company to refill printer cartridges. While there are many online vendors advertising for this, one must trust only a reputed company. Moreover, one can consider bulk order discounts, money back guarantees and doorstep delivery while making the decision.

One company that has made a mark in providing this service isCartridge World. Founded more than a decade back, this company is today a leading provider of cartridge refilling services. Cartridge World offers several facilitates that one can benefit from.

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