Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go Green With Your Next Fundraising Activity


School fundraising can be tricky. You have to serve the majority and find products that a large group of people are going to want to purchase because they will be purchasing them at a much higher price than their local retail store. Most fundraising activities don’t take into account health concerns or dieting and most are not environmentally friendly. However, there are many fundraising parents who are frustrated with the fact that fundraisers pinch their pockets, theirs stomachs and the environment. Why can’t we purchase items that are healthy, unique and that will help us go green?
Go green fundraising items are a great way to sell something your friends and neighbors may actually be able to use. Some of the exciting items include reusable shopping bags – you could put your school logo right on the bag and then you’d be supporting and advertising for the child you support. Other items may include pens or paper made with recycled paper. These items abound even in retail stores and are becoming vastly popular. Another great idea might be bread or other health foods like trail mix, power bars or similar items. Bread is something most people are consuming on a regular basis so it would be easy to support those types of fundraising activities.

Along with recycled items, reusable items and health foods, school fundraisers could incorporate things like live plants or trees. Several programs online offer live tree fundraising and live bulb fundraising. Not only do these types of items support a school group, they are a great way to beautify the world. You could do the fundraiser in several different ways, depending on the type of group participating in the fundraising activity and depending on the people that are going to be buying the product. First, you could have people purchase the item and then you deliver it to them and they are free to plant the tree or flower bulb in their own yard. However, you could also design a program so that you have a person buy a flower bulb or tree that is planted at the school, church or community place. This can then be a reminder of how that individual helped out the school. You could even have a day where everyone who purchased a flower or tree comes down and helps with the planting and beautification. This might be a fantastic way of getting more community involvement and it also gives people some pride and ownership as well.

When planning your next fundraising activity consider looking online and choosing a go green fundraiser. As more people become sensitive to the environment and their health, it is going to be imperative that school fundraisers accommodate people’s changing habits and needs. In order to continue to reach the biggest majority of people it will be essential to adapt some of the products. We can all count on cookie dough and wrapping paper fundraisers. However, make your mark by trying something a little different. Go green fundraising can make an impact on people’s lives and in people’s communities. Through reusable products, recycled items, health food products and live plants or trees, you can make a big difference in fundraising. Next time you need to go knock on a door or bring a fundraising sheet to work you’ll be bringing in items that might just catch people’s attention.

About the Author: Rebecca Beckett is a freelance writer for Innuity. If you would like more information about School fundraising or fundraising activities go to ProFund Golf