Wednesday, February 18, 2009

83% Believe Retailers Should Stop Giving Away Free Plastic Bags

Author: Chris Amos

4 out of 5 Britons believe supermarkets should stop giving away free plastic bags according to a new poll.

Following last week’s move by The Welsh Assembly Government aiming to introduce a ban on free plastic bags, over 70% of the general public want the Government to impose a charge on plastic bags given by retailers to encourage shoppers to switch to reusable ones instead.

A hefty 69% believe the current promise by retailers to reduce the number of bags given away by 50% by the end of spring 2010 is not enough.

82% of people believe a 10p-15p charge on plastic bags would encourage consumers to change to reusable bags while 92% are concerned with the impact the current plastic bags available from retailers have on our environment.

The Welsh Assembly Environment Minister Jane Davidson has asked officials to start work on the necessary legislation to introduce a ban on giving away free plastic bans.

“When we look at other countries in the world we understand why countries from Italy to Australia are now imposing charges and even banning plastic bags,” she said. “That experience around the world has told us that the most effective way to meet our aspirations on plastic bags is with regulations.”

Chris Amos from eco-bags company, Reusabags said:

“Support for a ban on giving away plastic bags is now greater than ever. Many governments around the world including China and France are introducing policy to cut giving away free plastic bags. 12-months ago, Gordon Brown demanded a reduction of plastic bags, so for our future and the sake of our planet, the use of reusable bags should be embraced and encouraged now.”

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How clean and untouched by any contaminant must an end-user plastic bag be in order to be recycled as food-grade material?

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