Thursday, January 22, 2009

Energy efficient tumble dryers

According to recent research, it seems that nearly sixty percent of the household in the United Kingdom actually own a tumble dryer, which mean that around fourteen million households use electricity to dry their clothes when they could just hang them outside or inside therefore saving a lot of energy!
Apparently, using a standard dryer means that you would use around 4KWh of energy and produce around 1.8 kg of CO2. Even if drying your clothes outside is particularly difficult in the United Kingdom with so few sunny and dry days.
There are currently three types of tumble dryers used in the United Kingdom which are the electric venting tumble dryer, the electric condensing and finally the gas tumble dryer. It seems that the most energy efficient one is actually the gas tumble dryer. Sadly though only few of those are being produced and sold here.
For information, a condenser tumble dryer will collect water and you will then have to empty it, whereas a vented tumble dryer will have a hose that leads the hot air out of the home and need to be connected to an outlet in the wall with a vent installed on it.

Another way of saving energy is for example to buy tumble dryer spare parts like Bosch spares or Hotpoint spares when your tumble dryer is broken. By doing so you will not have to buy another tumble dryer and the life of yours will improve.

Whereas finding energy efficient fridges is becoming very easy, just as well as getting fridge spares like white knight spares or others, tumble dryers are not that good when it comes to energy saving and a lot of them tend to be in the C rating or even lower instead of A or B.
Interestingly, an A+ fridge used for twenty four hours a day will produce around 116 kg of CO2 but an A rated tumble drier used three times a week will generate around 160kg of CO2 per year, which is pretty high.

It is very important nowadays to consider the impact on the environment your appliances will have, so make sure you check everything before buying a tumble dryer, a fridge or anything else. A lot of those appliances can now be bought online and websites usually provide a lot of information. On top of that, a lot of appliances usually have plenty of different programmes with some of them being more energy efficient than others.

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