Friday, October 17, 2008

Green Living: Advantages of Wind Power

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Green living is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. The term includes various activities all aimed at saving the planet and doing less environmental harm with our day to day life and activities.Part of the green living idea is using alternative methods for producing power such as using wind or solar power instead of traditional power plants. Advantages of wind power are numerous and we will mention some of the main ones in the following lines.The most obvious advantage is that wind power is totally free. Of course you should invest in building a power generator but still this is a minor investment compared to the bulky utility bills your household is getting every month. Moreover maintenance costs are pretty low – both time and money required for windmill upkeep.

Wind power generators are environmentally safe way to producing energy. They don’t pollute the air or water and they don’t need any kind of fuel to run. Moreover windmills don’t require large space top be built. In that sense they are convenient for garden of any size as well as very suitable for farming areas.Another huge advantage of wind power is that it is available in areas where central electricity is not available. Remote areas such as mountains or agricultural areas can still have their own power supply without being part of the electricity power grid.

Windmills are available is any size and for that reason they can supply with sufficient power any size of household. Of course to make this happen, wind speed and wind patters have to be taken into consideration too. Since we mentioned the main advantages of wind power, it is good to say something about the disadvantages too. Windmills are noisy and that is the main consideration for many household when they consider constructing windmill in their yard. Wind power turbines can sometimes interfere with nearby TVs and that is why many household are reluctant to using wind power as an alternative power supply source. Another significant disadvantage is that wind power is very dependant on weather conditions – power is produced only when there is wind with sufficient force. On the other hand stormy weather can seriously harm windmills.

Regardless of these drawbacks it is becoming more and clearer that private individual as well as large scale businesses are looking for cheaper and safer ways of producing energy. In this sense the advantages of wind power are much more than the drawbacks and it is expected that it will gain more and more popularity in the coming years.

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